Amazing Author Resource

So I’m hard at work promoting my book, and I have to give a great big shout out to Author Marketing Club. They’re advertised as Book Marketing & Selling Tips for Authors and they’ve done a great job putting together the resources that authors need to promote their books. I thought I had been to all the free kindle book mailers to let them know about my book, but I was way off! They have a great list of where to submit your book for promotion, which is exactly what I needed right now. There’s also a great big community of authors and people trying to do the same thing as me, so there’s lots of guidance to be found. I’m super greatful to these guys, and I wanted to send them an open letter of thanks!

Here’s to a great day,

–Justin Carnahan

P.S. If you want to find out more about them, click the link below:

Inner Game Book Released on Amazon Kindle!

coverI released my first book on Amazon Kindle! It’s my “Inner Game Guide to Game,” teaching you how to develop the mindsets and beliefs you need to be successful with women. In my years of training men, I’ve noticed the patterns of thought that get in the way of guys seeing the success that they desire. This book is a collection of the notes I want guys to take away from what I teach with regards to their inner dialogue and processes.

It’s a nice easy read, not too long. The reviews I’ve been getting have all been positive. My mom is super proud. My mom wants you to get this book. Your mom probably wants you to get this book if she knew about it. It’s that good.

You can check it out on Amazon right now at